Rapid White

Having the whitest brightest teeth possible is a dream of almost everyone. When you have white teeth, you feel happier, have more self confidence and smile more. When you smile more, people are more likely to smile back. So, it can safely be said that white teeth make for a much happier world! For a much whiter smile, many consumers are using a revolutionary product called Rapid White. Rapid White is a tooth whitening system that is given its name because of the fantastic way it works and what it does: makes your teeth white rapidly!

How Does Rapid White Work?

Rapid White is a teeth whitening system that can be ordered from the convenience of your home. When you get your Rapid White kit it will consist of a tube of Rapid White special formulated whitening gel, an accelerator pen, whitening toothpaste, a professional tooth shade guide and their special mouth tray. The system also includes easy-to-follow instructions.

You put a little bit of the gel in the mouthpiece tray. With the accelerator pen, apply the gel to all your teeth and then put in the tray. You’ll want to keep the tray in your mouth for ten minutes. After you take the tray out, remove any extra gel that’s till there and you’re done! It’s as simple as that.

You’ll want to continue doing this procedure for 14 days although you’ll start to notice a real change in your teeth as early as 5 days after starting the treatment. If you’re not sure of what kind of a difference you’re getting, you can easily see your progress by looking at the tooth shade guide.

Cautions about Using Rapid White.

There are certain people that are cautioned against using Rapid White, such as individuals that have sensitive gums, bleeding gums or gingivitis. Patients that wear braces or are under the age of 14 are also discouraged from using Rapid White.

Common complaints from patients using Rapid White include that although you’re warned not to allow the ultra violet light to come into contact with your gums and lips, it’s very hard to prevent it from happening! Once customer claimed she got a nasty blister and burn on the corners of her mouth. Many also complained that when going on the website for help, they found advertisements on the product than they did actual help.

Another complaint is that even though Rapid White is called a teeth whitener, it’s more of a stain remover and should be advertised as such. In addition, although you’re recommended to use the product for 14 days yet many found that the battery in the ultra violet light was dead before the 14 days were up.

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Kanika (August 14th, 2010)

Need this Rapid White treatment. Can I get it with a retailer? Or how to order online and the rates?

Loz (August 16th, 2010)

I recently used the rapid white system on my teeth and I have burns and blisters all across my bottom lip. It’s like really really bad bind burn just inside my lip – very painful and my gums are a little sensitive. It hurts when I try to brush my teeth. I don’t think i will be using this product again!

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