Xlear Spry White

Xlear Spry is a clinically proven teeth whitening system that whitens and protects your teeth. The whitening gel is formulated especially to reduce teeth sensitivity and to make the teeth whitening process as comfortable as possible. The gel is enamel safe and is designed to strengthen teeth. Xlear Spry White is made with Xylitol which is dentist recommended ingredient for supreme results. The whitening system is easy, safe and fast, as well as natural.

Xlear Spry White is proud to offer a product that uses a safer concentration of whitening agents than other brands. It also contains all-natural reminelizing ingredients that decrease teeth sensitivity and protect the enamel during the whitening process.

The process is very simple and involves just two steps. One includes PeroGel, which starts by removing surface stains, and small particles that are embedded in the enamel and are responsible for teeth discoloration. Step two is the application of Viocin, which brightens and strengthens teeth by infusing them with calcium ions. Viocin is specially formulated for sensitive gums and teeth.

Each kits comes with PeroGel applicators, Viocin applicators and 2 moldable trays with a case. The user is instructed to apply a small amount of the whitening gel to the trays and wear them for an hour at a time. The molding process of the applicators are very well outlined in the instructions and should not cause any added stress.

Consumer Report

Xlear Spry Smile is a good product. The results appear after the first application. However, the strength of the PeroGel at times causes tingling of the teeth which has freaked out some of the users. This is perfectly normal, and the tingling will go away shortly afterwards. The trays that are included with the kits are great and very easy to make. They do not lose shape over time and stay intact for longer than the generic brand. Viocin is found to relieve sensitivity and discomfort.

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