Teeth Whitening Strips Can Produce Dramatic Results

Teeth whitening strips almost sound too good to be true. These over the counter products promise several shades of teeth whitening and cost less than $50. They are fairly simple to apply, and work within a matter of days. But are they really effective?

Happily, the answer to that question is yes, teeth whitening strips are an effective way to get a whiter smile. While the teeth whitening gel in these products will not be as strong as what would be available at the dentist’s office, very similar results can be achieved over time. Of course the stronger the active ingredient (a peroxide formula) the faster results will be achieved.

The reason the strips work so well is because of the way that they can be easily applied to evenly cover every tooth and even get to the hard-to-reach places between the teeth. With teeth whitening pens this type of coverage is very difficult. While trays are also quite effective, unless it is a custom made tray, users still might not get the same coverage.

Strips also help to keep the gel on the teeth for as long as the manufacturer recommends. Because of this very effective delivery system, teeth whitening strips provide wonderful results.

Users do have to take the time to press the strip firmly onto each tooth. While it is in place, refrain from eating or drinking, even if the package says it is ok to do so. The reason you don’t want to eat or drink is because that could loosen the strip. The more firmly pressed against the teeth the strip remains, the better the results.

Users should not expect results as quickly as what they would get at the dentist’s office. Some treatments given by a dentist can work wonders in just one visit. With over-the-counter teeth whitening strips, users have to be a little more patient, but can achieve comparable results.

While not as fast acting as the much more expensive in-office treatments, teeth whitening strips are a cost-effective way to whiten a smile by several shades in just a couple of weeks.

2 Comments to “Teeth Whitening Strips Can Produce Dramatic Results”

Alex (August 11th, 2010)

Strips are really convenient and a very easy way to whiten your teeth, I use them all the time!

Heather (November 8th, 2010)

Yes, whitening strips are one of my faves. A great way to whiten without breaking the bank while still having that celebrity smile appeal.

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