Whitening Products

In this section you will find reviews of some of the well-known teeth whitening products.

Plus White

Have you ever looked at other people’s smiles and been envious of their bright white teeth and wished you could have teeth that looked as good? The good news is that when you use Plus White, you can have the whitest teeth you’ve had since you were a baby. Read more »

Crest Whitestrips

Crest Whitestrips are made with a revolutionary technology to bring your teeth dramatically white results. Learn everything you can about Crest Whitestrips and you’ll soon be eager to give them a try as well. Read more »

Zoom! Whitening

Everyone is in a craze today about having the whitest teeth possible. While this has always been important to people, the cost of teeth whitening in your dentist’s office often made it almost impossible for the average person. Read more »


Everyone loves having a beautiful smile with bright white teeth. Whether you have a date coming up, a potential job interview, and family photos coming up or just want to improve your appearance, a bright smile filled with shiny white teeth will just make you feel better all the way around. Read more »

Rapid White

Having the whitest brightest teeth possible is a dream of almost everyone. When you have white teeth, you feel happier, have more self confidence and smile more. When you smile more, people are more likely to smile back. So, it can safely be said that white teeth make for a much happier world! Read more »


Supersmile is a full oral care brand that includes everything from tongue cleaners to whitening pens. When it comes to their teeth whitening systems, they take a slightly different approach than the rest. Instead of selling a kit with trays, they have come up with a pairing of one of their toothpastes and a whitening accelerator. Read more »

Dr. George’s Dental White

Dr George’s Dental White kit is a great teeth whitening system for at-home applications. The kit contains everything that will help you whiten your teeth in just a few days. In fact, you can see results right after first use. Read more »


SmileNav offers three different teeth whitening products. Their first product is their Daily White toothpaste. It is said that by brushing twice a day, results can be seen as quickly as just two days. It cleans surface stains better than any other whitening toothpaste. Read more »


Polanight provides a fantastic take-home tooth whitening system made by an Australian company. The company produces teeth whitening systems in three different carbamide peroxide concentrations: 10%, 16%, and 22%. Read more »

Bleach Pro

Bleach Pro offers a large variety of products for their clients. Their teeth whitening comes in two concentrations of carbamide peroxide, 22% and 35%. They do not offer anything smaller for those with extremely sensitive teeth. Read more »