Vibrant Smile

Vibrant Smile is a product that promises a deep clean. The company makes a product that not only removes surface stains, but uses an advanced oxidizing solution that goes deep into the enamel and dentin layers to remove stains that are hard to reach. The simple process is then repeated to achieve the best results possible.

Vibrant Smile product is a great alternative to the whitening systems that involve application trays and strips. This seems like a hassle free alternative.

The best part about this product is that they are so confident in what they are manufacturing that they are happy to offer a free trail. The free trail promises to deliver whiter teeth within days of the first application. It’s very easy to use. Each application pen comes with an easy to use applicator. To use, squeeze the pen until a drop of whitening gel appears at the tip. In an up and down motion, distribute the gel evenly to your teeth. You need to give the gel 60 seconds to dry before closing your mouth. Avoid consuming anything but water for the next hour. The whitening pen has a great tasting solution which promises to cause no irritation.

Vibrant Smile offers their client a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee or your money back.

Consumer Report

What an amazing offer! The fact that you can give the product a try for free is a great incentive to give it a go. The solution is impressive, and very highly concentrated. Even though it is suggested to use the pen daily, some people experienced sharp pains after such frequent use. Instead cut down the frequency of use – use it every other day, not every day. The results are seen very quickly and many were very satisfied with the optimal results.

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