Bleach Pro

Bleach Pro offers a large variety of products for their clients. Their teeth whitening comes in two concentrations of carbamide peroxide, 22% and 35%. They do not offer anything smaller for those with extremely sensitive teeth. All of their products are made in USA and were created by dental professionals. They promise results that will last for a long time after the process is complete. Bleach Pro offers a very effective whitening gel that will lift all tobacco, coffee, tea, red wine, food and other stains. With this product you can get rid of all of the surface stains on your teeth.

Bleach Pro offers you everything you need for your teeth whitening experience in their online store. Their whitening kits come in two different carbamide peroxide concentrations, with the same contents in each kit. The kit includes application trays with a storage container and whitening gel. By ordering in larger quantities you save money and you receive application syringes. The syringes come into good use when controlling the flow of the gel into the application tray. The more careful you are about the amount you put in, the more likely you are to avoid gum irritation and swelling.

The actual procedure is very simple. You just apply gel to the bottom of each application tray and insert them in your mouth. Results will be seen after 4-8 applications.

They also offer an LED Blue Light White which is a small light that helps to accelerate the whitening process, as well whitening pens for those who are always on-the-go.

Consumer Report

Bleach Pro is a mediocre product. Even though it delivers results, it takes longer and the results are less dramatic than other teeth whitening systems available. The product is too harsh for those with sensitive teeth, preventing the clients from repeating the process more frequently for quicker results. Some irritation to the gums was reported, but the discomfort went away shortly after. The low price of the product is fair to its quality. The company is praised on their quick delivery times.

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