ProWhite is a dependable company that specializes in mouthpieces. They create custom whitening application trays, as well as night guards and athletic mouthguards. The company is one of the best in the business and expended their services to include at-home teeth whitening systems. The idea is that as long as you have a snug and well formed mouthpiece that hugs your teeth closely, the whitening gel will be equally dispensed through the mouthpiece and will keep close to the teeth for the most effective whitening outcome.

Once you order their product, you will receive a package that contains the impression materials, whitening gel as well as a stamped and addressed envelope to send your impressions to the lab. The great thing about ProWhite is that they understand that sometimes you need whiter teeth within days of purchasing the product, with no time to wait for the impressions to make it to the lab, and the custom made mouthpieces to arrive at your door. Every kit ProWhite sells includes free temporary trays for those who are in a hurry. In each kit, you will also find a storage container for the trays as well as a shade guide.

The impressions are very easy to make, and the instructions are very detailed and simple to follow. Once you have received your tailor made mouthpieces, to use you simple use the handy syringe dispenser, and place a drop of gel in every concave where you teeth will have contact with the plastic. Do not overfill the whitening trays, as any excess gel will be squeezed out onto your gums. When gel comes into contact with gums, it might cause discomfort. Wear the mouthpieces in your mouth for 20 minutes to an hour. Repeat this process until your teeth are the white you were looking for.

ProWhite offers their gel in two concentrations – 16% and 22%.

Consumer Report

ProWhite is said to be an amazing product. The results that you get are equivalent to the results you would get after a dentist chair whitening for just a fraction of the cost. Actually, users were surprised that they received professional level whitening gel – the same gel that your dentist would use. The gel was thick and not runny, so there was very little mess involved. Some users experienced improvement of whole 6 shades in just 3 applications.

The kit at first appears to be overwhelming with the amount of things included in it. But if you follow the instructions, everything is actually very simple. The company even includes 3 of everything needed to make the impressions, in case you make a mistake. The mouthpieces were described to be comfortable to sleep in.

The only complaint is that the custom made mouthpieces took over a week to come in.

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