Aquafresh White Trays

Aquafresh White Trays is a fail proof whitening system. Every box is filled with enough pre-filled trays for 3 weeks which come in two different sizes – bigger trays for upper teeth and smaller ones for lower teeth. The trays are stretchy and made for a comfortable, yet snug fit. Every tray is pre-filled with a single dosage of whitening gel. To use, all you need to do is put a tray on your upper teeth and a tray on the bottom, and wear them for 45 minutes. The trays are comfortable enough to wear while out running errands or sitting at the computer. They are nearly invisible. At the end of the 45 minutes, just take the trays off and toss them away.

Even though the instructions say to wear the White Trays for 3 weeks, once a day, to see full results, they promise visible improvements after the first 3 days of use. Aquafresh White Trays are a great alternative to whitening strips. They stay in place much better than any of the whitening strips out there, and do not leave behind a film on your teeth. The White Trays also cover more teeth than the average whitening strips.

Consumer Report

Even though Aquafresh White Trays are comfortable, they do shift around quite a bit. The snug fit is a rather loose one for most people. To make it a little easier to use, insert just one tray at a time to minimize the shifting. They did cause slight irritation of gums and increase in teeth sensitivity. But the results are pretty good for an at-home whitening system and very affordable.

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