If you are looking an easy to use teeth whitening system that is also affordable, Alta White is a very good choice. They claim to be every model’s “little secret”.

There are no messy strips or uncomfortable trays to wear in your sleep. No costly dental visits yet you get professional results at home. Alta White teeth whitening system helps to remove plaque and polishes teeth while whitening. It is easy to apply, takes just a couple of minutes and works right away. Expect to see whiter teeth after first use.

Alta White is great for people on the go. The application method is one of the easiest around. In your kit you will have a color ring, applicator and whitening powder. All you have to do is:

  1. Snap the swab tip with the coloring ring.
  2. Dip the wet applicator into the whitening powder.
  3. Apply to teeth covering all visible surfaces evenly.

Alta White is so sure of their product that they offer a money back guarantee.

Consumer Report

The Alta White system is a formulated oxidizing solution that takes those stains and slowly breaks them down over time. The difference between Alta White and all of the expensive whitening strips out there is that Alta White system continues to protect your teeth from stains. Whitening strips merely coat your teeth in a thin layer which continuously breaks down over time. Even though there is noticeable change in the whiteness of your teeth after the very first use, the results will get even better over time. Alta white system is a cost effective system that guarantee to give your the results you are looking for.

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