Dr. Brody’s Weekend Whitener

Dr. Brody’s Weekend Whitener is a three day long teeth whitening process. The kit comes with a pre-application rinse, whitening gel, and an application brush. If you are looking for a quick way of whitening you teeth before a big event, this is a great choice for busy, constantly on-the-go people. The application takes a just a few minutes and requires very little maintenance. For your first application, and the 5 application sessions afterwards, you rinse your mouth for ten seconds with the mouth wash to rid your mouth of any loose stains and prepare your teeth for the whitening process. After the rinse, try your teeth off on a napkin or a towel and apply the whitening gel. During the application, make sure that you brush the gel onto the hard to reach places like between the teeth to ensure even color. After applying the gel, give yourself a minute or two before closing your mouth to let the gel dry. Wait for 10 minutes, and rinse again and reapply the gel to your teeth once more. If you repeat the regiment twice a day, for three days straight, your teeth will get up to 6 shades whiter. All the products come in a minty flavour.

Consumer Report

This is the product for those who do not like sleeping in bleaching trays or struggling with whitening strips during the day. The clients really like the fact that the gel goes straight onto the teeth with no extra equipment required. The whitening application is very easy to include in your morning and evening routine without any imposition of your precious free time. The brush is really great for getting in between the teeth to make sure the color is even. Dr. Brody’s formula is great for those who start with deep stains and are looking for a drastic change. If your teeth are white to begin with, the results will be very minimal. This is not the product that will produce celebrity shinning white.

The biggest complaint about the product is the taste. It is reported to be absolutely disgusting, but many say that the horrible taste is worth the amazing results.

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