Peroxium provides their customers with a great teeth whitening gel. The gel’s active ingredient is carbamide peroxide which has been used in whitening products for almost 20 years and has been approved by the ADA and deemed safe to use. Carbamide peroxide is suspended in a thick whitening gel of almost neutral pH which gives the user the best results with no increased sensitivity or discomfort. They combined the dramatic results of a stronger whitening gel with the comfort of a lower power gel. This allows those who require longer whitening times to wear the gel to sleep, while other users who are lucky to have teeth that whiten quickly, experience wear times of only 30 minutes a day.

Peroxium carefully developed their gel to ensure the best results for the price they charge. Clinical studies have proved 22% carbamide peroxide gel to prolong the activation times of bleaching agents, which give you more dramatic results. Peroxium promises significant results in just one week.

Although Peroxium focuses mostly on the sale of just their whitening gel, they give you the choice of buying a full whitening kit from them as well. Each tube of gel can be used for 3 applications – on top and bottom teeth, which is great for touch ups. The gel comes in a syringe which is perfect for storage and dispensing a proper dose of the gel onto the application trays. To use, you need to brush and pat dry your teeth with a tissue before application. Then apply a small strip of gel on the part of the application tray that will be in direct contact with your teeth. Insert the application trays into your mouth and wear for the suggested time. Peroxium promises significant results after the first application.

Consumer Report

Peroxium is one of those products that is perfect for some, while horrible for others. Although most clients saw results, most did not see a significant change after the first application as was promised. To have their teeth the desired white, the application had to be repeated at least twice. And the application times were between one to two hours, a very minimal amount of users was able to get results after wearing the application trays for only 30 minutes.

Although Peroxium promises a gentle, comfortable whitening experience, many still found the gel to increase teeth sensitivity and a few suffered from irritated gums after using the product.

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