Smile White

It’s a known fact that people that have whiter teeth smile more, look better, have more self confidence, look younger and just feel better about themselves in general. Whether you’re out for a day with friends, at a job interview or posing for pictures, you’ll always look better with white teeth, which is exactly what you’ll have when you use Smile White!

Make Your Smile Contagious

When you smile at someone, they automatically want to smile back. There’s just something about a smile that’s very contagious and always seems to make others feel better. When you use Smile White as your teeth whitening product, you’ll love the results and so will everyone in that comes in contact with you.

The Latest in Technology

The technology that goes into teeth whitening has really advanced in recent years, making it much simpler and more affordable than in the past. Products like Smile White will make you wonder why you’ve waited so long to have the whitest brightest smile imaginable. Today you can administer the product yourself as opposed to having to make a trip to the dentist. After all, who enjoys going to the dentist? Smile White is not only a product that you can use yourself but it’s also a non-invasive procedure. It will not hurt your gums; on the contrary, the product used carbamide peroxide, is said to have a healing effect on gums.

New Low Cost

There are many great features to the product Smile White but the best part is when you use Smile White you won’t have to spend hundreds of dollars for white teeth and you’ll get fantastic results – the same results patients used to get by spending anywhere from $300 to $600 or more. A simple session of 30 minutes with Smile White will make your teeth from 2 to 7 shades brighter and white and may only cost you $100! Imagine spending so little and having the dazzling white smile you’ve always wanted. You’ll be the envy of all your friends.

Feedback from Customers

Although customers that have used Smile White to get whiter teeth have been happy with the results, some have experienced sensitivity, although it seldom lasts more than a couple days. If you have white fillings or crowns, while Smile White will not whiten them, it may help get rid of any stains. Many were disappointed that the whitening seemed to be repeated every three months. You may also have to use touch up gel pan to touch up your teeth to keep them white in between appointments.

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