Altima Kool Lite

Altima Kool Lite Whitening has many options out there for their customers. Their products range from at the treatment that can be received from your dentist to at-home procedures that guarantee amazing results. Even though many of the at-home whitening systems out there claim to be completely harmless, Altima Kool Lite encourages their clients to continue to see their dentist throughout the procedure. The combination of whitening your teeth at home and visits to the dentist, will give you the optimal results.

Altima Kool Lite is prescribed by your dentist and comes with a guarantee of mind blowing results. During a visit to the dentist, Altima Kool Lite impressions would be created to ensure a perfect fit. A kit would be created just for you, with whitening gels and your custom made whitening trays. At home, the application process is simple – all you have to do is fill the whitening trays with the whitening gel and keep them in for an hour at a time. Your teeth can become up to ten shades whiter in just one sitting.

Consumer Report

Altima Kool Lite customers are incredibly satisfied and thrilled with the results. There are no complaints about increased sensitivity or some of the gum discomfort from this product. The results are evident after the first use and only increase with every use. Altima Kool Lite Whitening system keeps your teeth whiter for longer, giving you the ultimate results for your money. It’s not a low-priced product and does require a visit to your dentist, but it is still cheaper than getting the whitening procedure done by your dentist.

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