Brite Teeth Pro

Nothing will keep someone smiling more than having bad teeth, particularly yellow, faded or discolored teeth. You can continue to wish you had bright white teeth or you can do something to make that happen. Many available teeth brightening products are on the market today. Some are expensive and will give you great results while others are cheaper and give results that are just as good. Some of the products are very unsatisfactory. Finding a good product is often difficult. You’re about to hear about a product that is bringing happiness, satisfaction and a very bright smile to many people: Brite Teeth Pro.

What is Brite Teeth Pro?

Brite Teeth Pro is a teeth whitening system that will give you dazzling white teeth that will make you love smiling and laughing. Brite Teeth Pro uses hydrogen peroxide to whiten your teeth in much the same way as bleach would make your teeth white. The peroxide, which breaks down into molecules of oxygen, works its magic as it flows into the enamel as well as in the dentin, the section directly under the enamel. As though that’s not enough, Brite Teeth Pro also used a Blue LED, which they call a “cool light” to speed up the peroxide’s work.

What Does Brite Teeth Pro Provide?

Brite Teeth Pro offers you two great opportunities for teeth whitening. They offer their cosmetic teeth whitening and their Professional take home kit. The cosmetic teeth whitening kit 15 to 20 minute long sessions in the dental office, where you have the choice of a two methods: the mouth tray method or the cheek retractor. Although the treatments are in 20 minute increments, your treatment can last up to an hour, with cost ranging from $99 to $149. The treatments are inexpensive, safe and use a 16% hydrogen peroxide gel solution.

The Take Home Kit includes the whitening get and “boil-n-bite” trays, making it very easy to do this in your own home. The dentists recommend the take home kit after the in-office treatment. The purpose of this is to prolong the whiteness of your teeth.

How Popular is Brite Teeth Pro?

Brite Teeth Pro was very popular with many customers. They’re only concerns with using this product was that when it was used at home; it took much longer than other teeth whitener kits and was slightly more expensive. In addition, you had to have the LED light with the whitening gel. You couldn’t really use just one or the other. The 100% money back guarantee did make it slightly more appealing.

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