Complete White

Are you afraid to smile because of how faded or yellow your teeth are? Do you tend to cover your mouth when you talk or provide a “closed mouth” smile when your picture is taken? If you’ve answered yes to either of these questions, you’re the perfect candidate for Complete White teeth whitening treatment. Imagine have white teeth like you did when you were a child! There are many products on the market that offer you white teeth and one of the very popular methods is Complete White.

What is Complete White?

Complete White is a professional teeth whitening process that you can use in your own home rather than spending agonizing hours in a dentist chair or dreading the visit while you’re driving there. Of even more importance is the excellent and low price you’ll pay for this great product.

For under $20, you can own your own kit of Complete White and be well on your way to brighter whiter teeth. Made by DenTek, Complete White will give you the white teeth you haven’t had in years and it only takes a short amount of time. Because DenTek is a company that knows teeth and dental treatments, many customers feel safe getting this product called Complete White.

Complete White comes with the comfort trays, their special formula, a touch-up kit and everything you need to get the white teeth you’ve been promised. Instructions are very self explanatory and easy to understand. What many patients love is that they can purchase this product in retail stores such as Target.

How Good is Complete White?

Although patients did like the way the Complete White whitening system originally made their teeth bright and white, many had to deal with unpleasant and undesirable side effects. While Complete White did whiten certain areas of the teeth, customers also experienced blotchy areas in other areas. Some were even so unpleased and embarrassed that they smiled even less than before the whitening.

Another problem that many experienced was that the trays were not a comfortable fit. Because of the uncomfortable feeling of the trays, the whitening treatment was more of a bother and discomfort than they were led to believe. Overall, they felt that for the low price, it wasn’t all that bad but weren’t sure if they’d purchase it again or not. Many had the attitude that “you get what you pay for”.

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