SmileNav offers three different teeth whitening products. Their first product is their Daily White toothpaste. It is said that by brushing twice a day, results can be seen as quickly as just two days. It cleans surface stains better than any other whitening toothpaste. It tastes great and gives amazing results without any pain or increased sensitivity that are common to whitening systems that use bleaching gel.

SmileNav Deluxe Professional Whitening Kit features custom tailored mouthpieces, whitening gel, a mini LED light and a pouch to carry it all. A Remineralization gel is included to eliminate tooth sensitivity and protect enamel. The at-home impressions are very easy to make, and are essential for achieving the best results. The better the fit of the mouthpiece, the better the gel is going to cover your teeth. It also comes with a desensitizing gel which helps prevent any sensitivity or irritation of the gums.

SmileNav also offers an on-the-go option which comes in form of a whitening pen. You can use this product anywhere at any time; just make sure not to consume anything other than water for 60 minutes after application. All you have to do is twist the pen a couple of times, until a drop of gel appears on the tip on the brush. Apply to each tooth individually; make sure to apply in between the teeth as well. The results are evident after first use.

Consumer Report

SmileNav is said to be a great product for its price. The results are seen right after the first application, and they are rather surprising for a product in this low price range. The toothpaste is said to be nothing special, while the whitening pen is reported to be a miracle. It works to produce professional level results and the application process is very simple. As long as you apply the gel from the whitening pen carefully and avoid contact with the gums, there should be no painful gums or increased teeth sensitivity.

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