Natural White

Natural White is a very simple system to use. There are no complicated components and the instructions are very clear. The whitening gel is high in concentration, and it does its job quickly. You will experience a whitening gel that is pleasant in taste and does not foam up in your mouth.

Natural White provides their clients with a kit that includes a tube of the whitening gel and application trays. Before application, Natural White instructs their clients to brush their teeth and rinse their mouth with lukewarm water. This will help rid your mouth of any loose stains and give optimal surface for the whitening gel. From the tube, squeeze whitening gel onto the application trays and be careful not to overfill. Using too much whitening gel could cause irritation of the gums and possible swelling. Using a smaller amount of gel will help avoid any discomfort. Once the gel is on the application trays, place them on your top and bottom teeth and close your mouth. Shift the trays around until you feel comfortable but do so quickly. The wear time for this product is just 5 minutes. After 5 minutes, remove the application trays and rinse your mouth of get rid of the leftover whitening gel.

Natural White product is very fast active and delivers results right after first use.

Consumer Report

This product works really well and the results are instant. The whitening gel contains extra additives to help strengthens your teeth while you are working on a brighter, whiter smile. The results will not work on teeth that are already relatively white and for clients who are just looking for a small improvement. This product will produce great results for people who are looking to lighten their teeth by about 4 shades. The biggest complaint about this product is the fact that the whitening gel tube is badly made so the application process can get a little messy.

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