PowerWhite is one of many teeth whitening products advertised to make your teeth white and give you a happy dazzling smile like you’ve only dreamed of having in the past. If you’re afraid to smile because of the dull and dingy your teeth look, you may want to try PowerWhite.

Convenience & a Promise of Whiter Teeth

PowerWhite promises to give you white teeth for less than $100, which is hundreds of dollars less than you’d have to pay if you if you went to a dentist or dental clinic. One of the other great features of using PowerWhite as your teeth whitening method is that you can do this in the comfort of your home. You’ll have no need to wait for an appointment that may not come for weeks. You won’t have to miss time from work or drive all the way across town to see your dentist. You can do it when it’s convenient to you and only you!

What’s in Your PowerWhite Kit?

Once you make the decision to use PowerWhite, you’ll be sent a mold kit that includes special PowerWhite SofTrays, model putty, instructions on what to do with the kit and putty and a return postage label. You use the model putty and trays to make the make molds of your kit and return them back to the PowerWhite lab so they can do their work.

They’ll send you back custom-made trays and a custom-made whitening tray holder and lost with several syringes of their specially formulated whitening product, which consists of 22% carbamide peroxide, toothpaste and instructions that are very easy to follow. You’ll receive enough PowerWhite to last for 20 days.

What Customers Have to Say

Many people that have problems with faded, yellow or discolored teeth have found that PowerWhite is a great alternative to many annoying trips to the dentists requiring them to pay hundreds of dollars. After all, why would anyone want to go through all of this discomfort when they can get the same results at home for a fraction of the cost?

However, many customers that have tried this product are not at all happy with the trays that are provided with PowerWhite. In fact, the term “horrid” has been used to describe them. Another complaint that customers have had with PowerWhite is that their impressions molded very poorly, particularly on the top of the mouth. Sensitivity was also a problem with some patients.

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