Twilight Teeth

Twilight Teeth whitening system is a new way to whiten teeth. It gives you the option of whitening your teeth while tanning, or do it at home. It is safe, effective and easy to use. This product gives you the professional level results that you can only expect to get from a whitening at the dentist office, in just twenty minutes as you tan.

In each kit, you will receive a comfortable mouthpiece, whitening gel and a small portable light. When whitening your teeth in a tanning bed, you can leave the small, portable light at home. All you need to do is carefully apply the whitening gel. Using the application brush, gently brush the gel directly onto the tooth in a vertical, up and down motion. Make sure to do each tooth at a time, covering it entirely. Apply the gel between teeth as well to ensure an even layer of it on all the teeth. You can re-dip your brush as many times as you feel is needed. At this point, insert the mouthpiece, making sure that the front of your teeth are easily seen through the opening. All you need to do now is lay back and let the gel do its work.

If you want to use this whitening system at home, without a tanning bed, you can do that too. Just like previously explained, apply the gel to your teeth. Make sure that the application is even to avoid spotting. Once you insert the mouthpiece into your mouth, attach the small light to the mouthpiece.

Twilight Teeth whitening system promises visible, satisfying results after the first application.

Consumer Report

Unfortunately, Twilight Teeth whitening system is marketed better than it actually works. They promise satisfying results after the very first tanning session using this product. That however, was not the case. Most people only began to see good results after 3 sessions. The products produced their best results after 5 sessions, especially if used every other day. If you tan more often than that, the gel is safe to use at a more frequent rate, just as long as there is no irritation. For best results, use in a high-pressure tanning bed for about 8-12 minutes at a time. If using in a low-pressure bed, you will have to extend the wear time to 25 minutes. This product does produce results, but they are gradual and do take time.

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