Maximum Teeth Whitening

Maximum Teeth Whitening system guarantees optimal results in just 3 days. It asks for very small amount of effort from you and a mere 20 minutes a day. The results are comparable to the teeth whitening done in a dentist office – in fact Maximum Teeth Whitening is often sold by dentists in their office as their suggested at-home teeth whitening kit.

The company offers two different concentrations of carbamide peroxide in their whitening gel – choose from the 22% or the 36%. The whitening gel has a special optimized pH formula for maximum results. They also promise that there are no animal by-products used in their gel Maximum Teeth Whitening uses the purest ingredients available on the market. They stand fully behind their product and offer a total Satisfaction Guarantee or your money back.

Maximum Teeth Whitening offers a twin system that comes with 80 applications. In each kit, there are application trays, whitening gel in syringes with a dose control tips and carrying cases. The application process is very simple, and similar to majority of other teeth whitening systems. All you have to do is apply a small line of the whitening gel at the front bottom corner of the application tray. Insert the trays into your mouth and wear for 20 minutes. After 20 minutes, rinse your mouth to get rid of any gel left behind, do not brush your teeth.

Consumer Report

Maximum Teeth Whitening is offering an at-home whitening kit that is very straightforward. The great thing about their product are is inclusion of mouth trays that mould to your mouth for easy adhesion, unlike similar products. The wear time is very short, and some have decreased their wear time to just 15 minutes when using the 36% whitening gel to avoid teeth sensitivity and gum discomfort. There are some reports of gum swelling, but it can be avoided by being more careful with the dose of whitening gel applied. The price of the whitening system is very low, and the results are surprisingly great. This product is worth trying for yourself.

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