Sunshine Dental USA Peroxifoam

Peroxifoam is a new way of whitening teeth – an oxygen-infused F.A.C.T. technology is designed to deliver gentle, powerful and long lasting results. This product promises to remove all surface stains as well as discoloration. There are no messy gels or uncomfortable trays to wear for hours. Instead Peroxifoam offers a whitening system that is easily adapted into your morning and evening routine.

All you need is your toothbrush and to follow two simple steps. In the kit, you will receive 2 Pump Foamer Bottles, one is the cleaning foam and the other contains the dental whitening foam. The first step is to dispense the cleaning foam onto a toothbrush. Make sure to use a dry toothbrush and to brush your teeth thoroughly for a full minute. After the minute, clean your toothbrush and dispense the whitening foam on it and brush your teeth for another minute. Once you’re done, spit out the foam, and do not rinse, drink or eat for 15 minutes after. Incorporate this regime twice daily into your regular dental care routine and you will have a whiter smile in just a week. For faster results, repeat the regime 3 times a day.

Consumer Report

Peroxifoam is a great alternative to the widely popular whitening gel at-home systems. It’s great for those who want a trouble free, fast teeth whitening option. However, just like many whitening toothpastes, this product does not produce dramatic results. In fact, the whitening is very gradual and many did not see full results of this product until well into second week of daily use. The results, even after 3 weeks, will not be extreme. This is a product that is good for slight surface stain removal. The price of this product is incredibly low therefore there are no risks in trying it out for yourself.

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