Zoom! Whitening

Everyone is in a craze today about having the whitest teeth possible. While this has always been important to people, the cost of teeth whitening in your dentist’s office often made it almost impossible for the average person.

Age Shouldn’t Affect Color of Teeth

However, with the help of products like Zoom!, it’s become very affordable and one of the latest fads with people of all ages. Zoom! is living proof that getting old doesn’t have to mean faded discolored teeth. You can have the same white teeth at 50 that you had when you were 20 when you trust your teeth to Zoom! You’ll also find that your white teeth will give you the same self esteem and self confidence you had at 20!

What’s so Special about Zoom!?

With all the many teeth whitening products on the market, Zoom! must be doing something right because they are one of the most popular light-activated teeth whitening products around. Zoom! is very simple and easy to use. They’ll send you an all-inclusive pack of materials that will be ready to be used as soon as you receive them. The Zoom! whitening treatments include the bleaching light, the tooth whitener and several disposable items designed for one-time use.

In addition to being considered one of the most effective methods of teeth whitening, it’s also considered the one that provides the quickest results. Why should someone wait months for white teeth when they can get results in a few days and for a fraction of the cost? Zoom! is a bleaching treatment that’s dentist-supervised, a quality that makes many patients feel more secure using the product.

How Does Zoom! Work?

Zoom! consists of six easy steps that are easy to follow and bring satisfying results. The first step is an examination by your dentist where your teeth and gums will be inspected. The next step is the application of the bleaching gel (a hydrogen peroxide solution), only after your lips and gums are protected from contact with the bleaching agents. Your teeth are then penetrated with a low-heat light, which is how the treatment is done. You get this treatment repeated three times. The entire teeth whitening process takes 45 minutes. The process goes deep inside your teeth to rid them of embedded and old stains.

Consumer Criticism

In spite of the precautions, many claimed they experienced tooth sensitivity, which caused some discomfort they hadn’t expected. In fact, many patients state that they’ve experienced excruciating pain after the Zoom! teeth whitening treatment.

Another unfortunate problem many people discovered was that their teeth became almost instantly yellow and faded if they ate anything with color such as lettuce, leafy green vegetables, etc.

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Linda Ambrose (March 22nd, 2010)

It is actually most Dental Hygienists that apply the Zoom and does not have to be supervised as most Independent Hygienists are allowed to use it…They must take a course and/or a session with a company rep.

Jennifer Baker RDA (January 4th, 2011)

I’m not sure if this website is US or Canandian, but in Canada Dental Assistants, such as myself, do the Zoom! treatment. This can be done without a dentist present. There is a course or session taken and it is very safe and effective. There can be sensitivity as with any whitening product, however the person applying the treatment should do thier best to help prevent that. There are simple things that can be done to help minimize sensitivity.

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