Viatek Hollywood Smiles

Viatek offers a great teeth whitening system called Hollywood Smiles. The product is manufactured to give the clients the best results without any pain or discomfort. They understand that a large percentage of the population suffers from sensitive teeth, but that should not be a deterrence from enjoying whiter teeth. The gel is developed to be gentle on teeth and gums, and the absence of application trays further decrease possible discomfort.

The company promises to get your teeth up to 4 shades whiter in less than an hour for just a fraction of a dentist whitening cost. The application is simple, only includes 2 easy steps.

Viatek Hollywood Smiles kit comes with everything you need to start your bleaching process. Your order will come with a bottle of whitening gel, a whitening light and two mouth piece attachments. To use, apply the gel directly to the surface of your teeth in an up and down motion. Be careful not to get gel on your gums as it could cause irritation. The gel should cover all the teeth in an even coating. At this point, you will need to shine the light onto your teeth for about half an hour. The UV light acts as an accelerator, to help get your teeth their whitest.

The product is Developed by TV personality and Inventor Lou Lentine.

Consumer Report

Viatek Hollywood Smiles delivers great results, but at a slower pace. If you are looking for a quick whitening fix that will give you maximum results in just one sitting, this is not it. This product is gentle on the teeth, and gradually lifts surface stains and discoloration. Consumers reported noticeable results after 3 applications, and optimal results after 7 uses. There was no pain reported from the use of this product and the fact that there are no application trays adds to the simplicity and comfort of the product.

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