Listerine Whitening

Listerine Whitening offers a complete package of products to whiten your teeth and help keep them white. From pre-brush mouthwash to whitening pens, Listerine Whitening seems to have it all. All of the products are affordable as well as convenient. You can find all of the products at your closest supermarket or pharmacy. A surprising factor is the taste of their products. While many other whitening products have an unpleasant, chalky taste, all of Listerine Whitening products have a great minty taste.

Listerine Whitening offers their clientele Quick Dissolving Whitening Strips. The great thing about these strips is that there is absolute no mess and the results are quick. They are adhesive without being unmanageable – it’s a lot like applying a band-aid. And unlike other whitening strips, there is no unpleasant feeling of film in your mouth as you wear them. There is no need to peel the strips off your teeth at the end of treatment either. Simply apply the strips and continue on with your day as the strips whiten your teeth and upon completion, simply vanish.

Sometimes stains sneak up on us, one at a time. If you notice a stain while away from home, Listerine Whitening offers you a whitening pen for your convenience. Incredibly easy to use, you just use it as you would any regular pen. Take off the cap, twist the pen until a drop of gel appears at the tip and apply directly to the stain or the discoloration.

Consumer Report

Listerine Whitening products are for individuals who want their teeth just a few shades whiter. Even though there won’t be any dramatic whitening results, this product is great for its price.

Listerine products are over the counter so the hydrogen peroxide amount is very low. This means that there will be very little to no irritation what so ever. The amazing thing about Listerine is that once the hydrogen peroxide on the whitening strips is activated in your mouth, it breaks down to oxygen and water, which means that at no point are you swallowing anything other than water and maybe bits of the strips material. Strips really do dissolve within 10 minutes but a few consumers complained about a film left behind.

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