Arctic White

Arctic White promises a teeth whitening system that goes beyond just cleaning the surface of your teeth. It goes beyond superficial stains, and the gel penetrates deep into the teeth to lift the yellow tint. Using Arctic White teeth whitening system can help get your teeth up to 8 shades whiter. Unlike a lot of other whitening products, Arctic White uses a lower hydrogen peroxide concentration whitening gel which and instruct the users to wear the trays for only 10 minutes a day. For those with sensitive teeth, this is great news as it allows them to use the product without being turned off by the prospect of pain.

Before application, you need to brush your teeth using the tartar toothpaste that is included in your kit. This toothpaste will help you to get rid of any loose stains and get your teeth ready for the whitening process. To whiten you teeth, you just need to apply a strip of whitening gel at the bottom front part of each one of the application trays. Put a tray on the top and the bottom teeth and close your mouth. After 10 minutes, the whitening process is complete and you can rinse you mouth. Rinsing your mouth for 30 seconds after the whitening will close the teeth pores and help stabilize the whitening which will increase the longevity of the results. You will then repeat the regiment everyday for 10 days. You can expect to see significant results in just 2 or 3 days of use.

Consumer Report

After using the product for ten days, most users saw an improvement – but not the drastic change that they were promised. Instead of 8 shades whiter, people experienced maximum improvement of 6 shades. The benefit of this product is the fact that there is no increased teeth sensitivity or irritation of the gums. The product can be a little messy. The fact that the wear duration is only 10 minutes a day is fantastic for those who are in a hurry.

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