Whiter Image

Whiter Image caters to those who are looking to increase their outer beauty. They produce two different kinds of whitening systems. One is marketed towards women, while the other one is unisex.

The first product is designed specifically with women in mind, Chic-Flic pen. This whitening pen works similarly to all other whitening pens. To apply, you simply brush on a liberal amount of the whitening gel directly onto your teeth. Make sure to apply the gel in between the teeth and the hard to reach places to ensure even color of the teeth. Chic-Flic separates itself from other whitening pens on the market, by including an accelerator light, mirrors and a lip plumper with their product. On one side of the pen is the teeth whitening gel, and the other contains a vanilla flavored lip plumper to give you a beautiful smile. The best part about the Chic-Flic is that it is very discreet and fits right in with the rest of your cosmetics. No one has to know your little secret.

The second product made by Whiter Image is their Whiter Image Pen. It’s a great product that can be used by men and women. It comes in a thin, silver pen that is filled with high concentration of whitening solution. The pen promises to deliver amazing results after just a few uses. Even though the whitening solution is very strong, it does not increase your teeth sensitivity. There is no mess that comes with the usual whitening kits – all you have to do is apply the solution to your teeth and allow it 60 seconds to dry. The brush tip is gentle and helps to distribute the solution on the teeth evenly. To make it even sweeter, each pen contains about 60 application.

Consumer Report

The Whiter Image Pen is a great product. It delivers the results that it promises and it very easy to use. The fact that you apply the gel straight to your teeth, minimizes mess and requires absolutely no prep time. You can use it anywhere, at any time. The design is very sleek as it comes in an aluminum pen. There was minor discomfort of the gums reported, but as long as you keep the gel off your gums, you should not have any problems.

The Chic-Flic, if you can get past it’s outdated name, is an alright product. If you have looking for just a whitening system, do not waste your time with the lip plumper. The whitening solution on the Chic-Flic is the same as the Whiter Image Pen and the Whiter Image Pen is about half the price.

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