Idol White

Idol White is a teeth whitening system that is endorsed by the Kardashian sisters. They have openly credited Idol White for their famous smiles. The teeth whitening system consists of a on-the-go whitening pen which requires the least amount of effort and produces great results.

Whenever you feel like your teeth are in the need for a little bit of a shine, or if you want a brighter and whiter smile just in time for a big event, this product is for you. It’s very easy to use – twist the pen until a pearl of gel forms at the tip of the pen. Using a mirror, carefully apply the whitening gel on your teeth. Be careful and take your time, make sure you apply the gel into the hard to reach places as well. The ingredients are pretty much the same as any other whitener; the main two are carbamide peroxide and hydrogen peroxide. These two peroxides are commonly found in teeth whitening products and are also widely used by dentists who practice tooth bleaching. The application process takes less than a minute, after which you need to let the gel dry for sixty seconds. There is no need to brush your teeth, or rinse afterwards. This is the perfect mobile teeth whitening option.

Idol White whitening pens not only whiten teeth, but also clean them during the application. Using Idol White will improve your overall oral health.

Customer Review

Idol White teeth whitening pen surprisingly works really well. If your teeth are already white, the pen will not be able to produce any visible results. But for people who are suffering a noticeable discoloration or stains, this product will help rid your teeth of everything unwanted. An average user was pleased with the fact that their teeth became 5 shades whiter after just two weeks of use. All clients were happy to report that the whitening pens are trouble-free and very compact. They are very portable, and a quick touch up can be done at any point of the day. Idol White teeth whitening is a great product, and worth a try.

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