Go Smile

Go Smile is a teeth whitening system that depends on its newly developed LED light. The combination of their whitening gel, and the use of the light accelerates the bleaching, meaning you will see better results, faster. They also provide their clients everything including whitening pens, toothpaste and convenient mini touch up gels.

Go Smile Whitening Light system brings dentist-quality whitening into your home while eliminating sensitivity. Go Smile lights are developed in a manner so that they illuminate your entire “smile zone” to leave your teeth evenly white. Whitening strips don’t cover all of your teeth and at times slide down and product blotchy white result. Furthermore, there are no messy application trays or any struggle with putting on the whitening strips. With Go Smile, you just need to apply the gel straight to the teeth and shine the light that comes in your kit at your teeth. It is even safe to use for touch ups, or to target specific teeth stains.

Since there is no gel going on your gums, there should not be any gum swelling or irritation. Go Smile teeth whitening system offers profession level results at home with no pain. And the results are guaranteed!

Consumer Review

The full whitening system offered by Go Smile Teeth Whitening was reviewed to be a rather mediocre product. The results were not drastic enough to satisfy majority of their clients. In addition, some complained about the hassle of applying gel to each, individual tooth, while others prefer it to application trays. A few clients who had positive reports on the product, explained that the whitening effect was seen only after a week of use.

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