Polanight provides a fantastic take-home tooth whitening system made by an Australian company. The company produces teeth whitening systems in three different carbamide peroxide concentrations: 10%, 16%, and 22%. If you teeth are very sensitive, you should buy a product with a smaller carbamide peroxide concentration level. Also the gels with a lower concentration level allow you the option of using the trays while you sleep. With whitening gels, the higher the concentration, the shorter the application time. For the 10%, you must apply the trays for at least 3 hours, but it is harmless to use them overnight. The 16% would be used for about hour and a half, and can be used overnight but might cause some oral irritation. Finally the 22% must only be worn for 45 minutes a day.

Polanight can be obtained through your dentist and will require custom made mouthpieces, or application trays. Custom made mouthpieces are very useful; not only do they increase the results, but they also prevent you from grinding you teeth during sleep, which destroys your enamel and causes damage to your jaw.

Consumer Report

Polanight is said to be an amazing product. Many people swear by it and have used it on and off for the last 5 years. The gel works so well that drastic results can be expected after the very first use. Many clients confirmed the importance of using dental made mouthpieces as they fit snugly and prevent saliva from dissolving the gel. When the gel is weakened by their shifting of the application trays, or saliva mixing into it, it can either decrease the results or cause a patchy appearance, where some parts of the teeth will be whiter than others. The 10% is said to work really well and cause very minimal amount of discomfort if any at all, but it does take longer for full, optimal results to be seen.

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