Celebrity Hollywood Whites

Celebrity Hollywood Whites has developed a new whitening system which delivers really great results. The results claim to be the dazzling white of movie stars that some are looking for. Their system is very compact and comes in a single pen, which contains a high concentration peroxide gel that is thick enough to stay directly on your teeth without dissolving. Celebrity Hollywood Whites claims that their product does not irritate gums since the whitening gel is applied directly to the teeth, avoiding gums completely.

Here is where Celebrity Hollywood Whites is different from other teeth whitening systems – they promise a brighter, whiter smile as you tan. The idea is to incorporate teeth whitening into your weekly tanning bed practices. The gel which is applied to your teeth is activated and accelerated by the UV light of the tanning bed. However, you can still use this if you do not tan, and want a whitening system that can be done at home. All you do is apply the gel directly to your teeth and cover them with application trays or a mouth piece to prevent the saliva from dissolving all of the gel before it does its job. The wear time for the at-home treatment is 30 minutes.

The product comes in a minty flavour and is safe is case of ingestion.

Consumer Report

Celebrity Hollywood Whites is reported to work well. It is rather unusual process of teeth whitening that has yet to become popular, but results can be seen after just one use. It also seems to be gentle enough not to cause any teeth sensitivity or discomfort of the gums.

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