Fast N’ Easy

Fast N’ Easy professional teeth whitening kit promises results after just one use. They claim to have the same professional results as you would get from a teeth whitening in a dentist office. The whitening gel is the highest legal concentration for at-home whitening systems, for a faster, more effective whitening process. The high concentration is what makes the results evident after just one use.

Instead of a messy kit that includes whitening gel tubes, this kit only requires opening the box. In the kit, there are pre-filled mouthpieces with a whitening agent and LED light which will get the work done in just 20 minutes. They say that they do not use carbomide peroxide to bleach the teeth because it is reported to have negative effects on the enamel. However, they do not specify what alternative they depend on. They make sure to mention that they solution they are selling is the same one as dentists use, except at a slightly lower concentration.

The whitening process is very simple. All you have to do is insert the pre-filled mouthpiece into your mouth and illuminate it with the portable LED light. After 20 minutes, remove the mouthpiece and enjoy the instant results.

In the kit also comes a teeth sealer to keep the amazing results for longer as well as to desensitize the teeth to make the whitening process completely painless.

Consumer Report

The product works rather well. It does develop results but the results vary greatly – some enjoyed their teeth full 6 shades whiter while others complained that their teeth ended up mere 2 shades whiter. It is really great that it only takes twenty minutes to go through the process, and it does not require repetition. However, it’s unfortunate for those who did not achieve their desired results that there is only one use included in the kit. There are no second chances to fix a mistake you might’ve made.

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