Ultra White teeth whitening system is a good product with a lot of loyal customers. In fact, 70% of their daily orders come in from returning customers. The price of the product is surprisingly low for the quality of the results.

Ultra White guarantees their clients the same results as what they can expect from a whitening in a dentist chair. They stress the fact that they use pharmaceutical grade product that is sold by dentists, and accuse the other whitening products to only use food grade whitening gel. The food grade gels are less expensive to manufacture and therefore bring in more profit. Ultra White promises that their product is the best in its category.

The mouthpieces will be shipped to you within a week of receiving your impressions. When you are ready to begin the first application, just apply a small drop of the whitening gel in every concave in the mouthpiece where your tooth will be touching the plastic. Place the mouthpiece on your top and bottom teeth and close your mouth. The wear time is just 30 minutes, after which you will see great results. For the best results, repeat the procedure two or three times.

Ultra White now offers a whitening pen as well. This is a very convenient tool to have on you for teeth whitening on-the-go. The pen contains very high concentrated whitening gel which can be applied directly to the surface of the teeth.

Consumer Report

Ultra White gives their clients a very good product. It delivers on its promise of outstanding results right after the first use. The results get better after repeating the application process several times. The assembly that is required by the kit might seem intimidating, but it is very easy. As long as one can follow the simple instructions, you will have no problem making the impressions. The custom fit mouthpieces are fantastic. They arrive relatively quickly, and fit perfectly. No one has complained about any discomfort and problems with the product. The whitening gel even has a pleasant minty flavour.

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