WhiteLight produced a teeth whitening product that puts a new spin onto LED light whitening. Their system is all about convenience. They have a strong belief that companies who use strips and whitening trays cause too much hassle for very mediocre results. WhiteLight promises their clients that their teeth will be up to 7 shades lighter after the completion of the process.

With each kit, you will receive whitening solution, a mouthpiece and an LED light. First step to getting your teeth their whitest is to gentle brush your teeth. This will flake off any loose particles stuck on your teeth, and will get rid of any film stuck on the teeth surface. Apply the whitening solution evenly onto the surface of your teeth in an up and down motion. Insert the mouthpiece and attach the LED light to it. WhiteLight provides a small, portable light that is very easy to handle. Once you clip the light onto the mouthpiece, simple bite down to hold it in place. The whitening will take between 20-30 minutes and results are instant. The light functions as an accelerator, speeding up the bleaching function of the whitening solution.

WhiteLight promises a whitening experience that is effective and pain free. There is no set up, no need to wait for impressions or order lab manufactured mouthpieces. This product is safe for most people. Of course, abstain from you if you are pregnant or allergic to any of the ingredients in the whitening solution.

Consumer Report

Consumers warned others about spending the money on WhiteLight teeth whitening system. The whitening solution works really well on its own. It provides results, but not as drastic as what they promise. Most people experiences only a 2 shade difference upon the completion of the procedure. Another complaint about this product was the actual LED light. Consumers said that looking silly with the light sticking out of their mouth, was not worth the results they ended up with. The LED Light which promises to speed up and intensify the whitening process, actually did nothing at all. The bleaching component of the solution is chemically activated without the light. The light appears to be a gimmick to raise the price on a perfectly good whitening solution.

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