MalibuBright is one of a kind product. They claim to be the safest teeth whitening product available as they do not use harmful bleach in their products. MalibuBright developed a new formula called Poly(P) which is used as a substitute for the bleach. It does not simply get rid of the superficial stains, but attaches itself to the teeth on a microscopic level, and goes deep into the teeth to lift the stain from teeth evenly. This is a great way of making sure that all teeth are the same time, and that the whitening process is gradual. Poly(P) helps remove stains like plaque, foods, tea, coffee, tobacco and more.

MalibuBright is a great protection against cavities and stains that accumulate throughout the day. Frequent use of the product will product whiter and stronger teeth.

The results are seen after the first application. The new formula works with the help of an LED light which accelerates the whitening process. Combined with the use of a rinse and an oral spray, the results are amazing.

Consumer Report

The product works really well. Since there is no bleach used in the mixture, even those with the most sensitive teeth can enjoy this product. After the first application, teeth are whiter and brighter, and look shinier. It beats the results of Crest, and most other pharmacy available brands. The more you use the product, the better the results. Within 2 weeks after using the product, the results are dramatic. The people at MalibuBright offer a full money back guarantee because they are that sure of the product they are offering.

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