Opalescense whitening system offers their clients a variety of teeth whitening options. Their options include take-home whitening systems, pre-filled disposables, in office procedures as well as after care. Opalescense offers on-the-go options such as strips, while still recommending their over the counter product for more dramatic results. Of course, they make a point to state that for the best, brightest results, their prescription option is the winner. For the prescription product, you must pay a quick visit to your dentist.

For the prescription strength take-home whitening system, one must get the prescription from their dentist. A dentist will then take impressions of your teeth to make an application tray which will be a perfect fit for your teeth. Opalescense developed application trays that prevent the whitening gel from covering the gums to minimize irritation. Additionally, Opalescense products include Potassium Fluoride (PF), which improves oral health increasing cavity prevention and strengthening enamel. Potassium Fluoride also decreases your sensitivity level to ensure a more comfortable whitening process.

Opalescense pre-filled disposables are easy to use, discreet and disposable. Their innovative technology makes it easier to whiten on-the-go. Their comfortable fit makes wearing them for 30-60 minutes at a time a breeze. These pre-filled trays are slightly higher in hydrogen peroxide than the regular over the counter whitening systems, which means you will see drastic results in one week.

Consumer Report

Opalescense teeth whitening system is voted to be one of the best available. The price, even though rather steep, is considered to be surprisingly low for the quality of the product. There is no light or laser involved. The whitening process begins when the materials provided are mixed together and applied to your teeth. There are no known side effects to this product. Opalescense is one of the few teeth whitening systems that have been tested extensively. It is proved to be safe.

The results are incredible – professional level results are evident within the first week of use. And the lovely variety of tastes that the pre-filled disposables come in (mint, melon, peach) are said to be rather pleasant.

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