HappySmile whitening gel comes in two different concentrations of CP – 16% and 22%. The 16% CP gel is suggested for clients with very sensitive teeth. The gel works really well. It lifts all surface stains caused from coffee, tea, wine, tobacco and food, as well as just general discoloration. The gel comes with custom made mouthpieces that are formed to fit your teeth comfortably but closely. Whitening gel is a fluoride releasing formula which helps rebuild enamel and strengthen teeth. It also provides the clients with a product that is rich with a blend of soothers and conditioners for a gentle, more comfortable whitening application. The gel is fast acting – it is made thicker and more sticky for better results. It comes with a dental applicator that dispenses the correct dose of whitening gel. The gel containers are locked in a certain manner to prolong the product’s shelf life.

To bleach your teeth, use the HappySmile dental applicator to add the gel onto the bottom of each mouthpiece. Fit one of the mouthpieces onto your top teeth, and the other on the bottom. The wear time is just 30 minutes. For best results, repeat the regime daily for up to 2 weeks.

Consumer Report

HappySmile whitening gel does aim to keep their customers happy, and for the most part they do. The whitening gel works really well and results can be seen after just one sitting – the results aren’t intense at first, but there is an average of 5 shades improvement after 14 day of daily use. The custom made mouthpieces that are available through HappySmile are not the best ones on the market. At times, they slide around and it is very hard to keep both the top and the bottom tray in at the same time. A suggestion came from many customers to insert one tray at a time for best results and more comfort, but it doubles your whitening time. To sum up, HappySmile has a great gel but a horrible application system.

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