Dr. George’s Dental White

Dr George’s Dental White kit is a great teeth whitening system for at-home applications. The kit contains everything that will help you whiten your teeth in just a few days. In fact, you can see results right after first use. In the kit you will find application trays, whitening gel as well as a syringe for more precise application. The application trays are not of the generic kind. Instead the includes impression trays. It is very easy to make your own unique application trays. To make, submerge the impression trays into warm water until the plastic becomes soft. Insert the impression trays into your mouth, bite down and hold for a few minutes letting the plastic solidify. Since the application trays are custom fitted to your teeth, they guarantee better whitening results. You have the option of dispensing the whitening gel into the application trays straight from its container, but the company suggests using the syringe. By using the syringe, you control how much gel you put into the application trays. This will prevent you from over filling the trays and will keep unwanted gel away from gums to prevent gum irritation.

Consumer Report

This product has been available on the market for a very long time and the company has a lot of loyal and satisfied users. Their returning customers rant and rave about the amazing results that they get after every use. The results are seen after the first application and last for a relatively long time afterwards. Within a week, some customers’ teeth were 6 shades whiter.

Dr George’s Dental White kit promises the application trays to be snug but quite a few customers complained that even after setting the plastic, the trays did not fit as comfortably as they were promised to. However, Dr George’s whitening gel is so impressive that some people have bought mouthpieces separately to continue using Dr George’s Dental White kit.

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