IvoryWhite teeth whitening system is an effortless, three step whitening process. There is no need to sleep with uncomfortable application trays or wear slippery, gross strips. The whitening gel is powerful and quick acting. The kit comes with “Sure-Fit” mouth trays that are developed to decrease gum swelling or irritation. IvoryWhite guarantees quick, professional level results for a small portion of what you’d pay for whitening at a dentist office.

The application process is very easy. To begin you need to brush your teeth and rinse them with warm water. This allows any loose stains to disappear for optimal exposure of the teeth to whitening gel. You will then need to squeeze a small amount of the IvoryWhite whitening gel along the lower portion of each one of the application trays. Be careful not to overfill, as you only need a very small amount of gel to get the work done. Also over filling the trays, will get some of the gel on the gums and might cause slight irritation. Finally you place the each tray over your top and your bottom teeth and close your mouth. The wear time is 30-60 minutes a day, after which you should brush your teeth to get rid of any extra gel left behind. This is not an overnight teeth whitening system.

You will see the full effects of the product after 2 weeks of use.

Consumer Report

IvoryWhite has some fantastic benefits. The results are seen as early as two or three weeks. It even minimises cavities thanks to the addition of Xylitol into the whitening gel. It is much cheaper than getting your teeth whitened in the dentist chair for the same quality results. It is dentist recommended and is proved to be completely safe for most people to use. In addition, the product comes in a great minty flavour.

When IvoryWhite products were only available online, their website was flagged as a scam. The details of what happened are long and confusing, but the fact is that many are unwilling to try the product because of the scandal. This is unfortunate because the product is amazing.

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