Touch Of White Smile

Touch Of White Smile is a whitening system that promises celebrity results within the first week of use. Even though is not offered in stores, Touch Of White Smile offers something different in hopes of helping their clients save money. They offer a membership which provides you with everything you need to whiten your teeth and then send you out unlimited amount of free whitening gel refills for as long as you care to keep your membership. Of course, you have also the choice to buy just a one-time kit.

The application process involved is simple and easy to understand. Their beginner kit comes with whitening gel tubes and a custom mouthpiece that is designed for perfect fit. It also comes with a storage container for the mouthpiece. The application trays, also referred to as the mouthpiece, which come with the Touch Of White Smile whitening system are fitted in a manner that will allow the wearer to talk, and continue on with their day as planned. However, you can also wear the mouthpiece at night and sleep comfortably, with no pain.

Touch Of White Smile also offers their clients a collection of dentist case studies for review to prove that their product really does work and is completely safe. The whitening system comes with a full satisfaction guarantee, a promise for a full refund if not happy with the results.

Consumer Report

Touch of White Smile is said to have really good results. The whitening system is slightly more complicated than some of the other at-home whitening systems and it requires the user to be good at following the instructions thoroughly. The mixing of chemicals to create the whitening gel is a little bit more time consuming than the systems that come with already mixed whitening gel tubes. The mouthpieces also require some assembly. You need to take a moment and create impressions of your teeth before the first use. Even though there is some assembly required, the time spent is worth the results it will produce.

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