Rockstar White

Rockstar White is a new teeth whitening company that is selling a fun, posh new product. Looking to target the younger clients, their products are well designed and well marketed. For their take-home teeth whitening systems, they have two options, both of which offer pretty much the same thing.

Option number one : Rockstar White “Be Kissable”. The Kit includes everything you need to get your teeth your whitest. In it, you will find a uniquely designed mouthpiece for a custom fit as well as a giant syringe. The syringe might appear intimidating but in fact, it’s great. The giant tube contains enough gel for up to 27 treatments. It is designed with a special application tip which helps to control the dosage of gel dispensed, and keeps it fresher for a longer period of time. They promise that their gel the highest percentage of carbomide peroxide that is safe and approved for general use. Another great thing, is that their pretty pink box is designed especially for breast cancer awareness and a percentage of their profit goes to the foundation.

Option number two: Rockstar White “High Energy Whitening”. Just like their pink whitening kit, “High Energy Whitening” includes a unique mouthpiece that is developed for a comfortable, and snug fit. It comes with a giant syringe filled with whitening gel. It appears that the only difference between the two options is the pink box.

The application process is very easy and can be done in just a few minutes. To get ready for the application, first gently brush your teeth and floss. Using your syringe dispense a thin line of the whitening gel onto the mouthpiece and put it into your mouth, biting down. The wear time is just 30 minutes and the results can be seen after the first use. For optimal use, continue daily wear for 7 days.

Consumer Report

The product works incredibly well, and drastic results can be seen after the first application. The application trays aren’t bad – in fact they are slightly better than most of the generic mouthpieces available. Be careful when dispensing the gel – because of its high carbomide peroxide concentration, it could cause irritation. Keep the gel to a minimal amount on the tray, you need very little for the bleaching process. When gel comes into contact with gums, carefully wipe it away with a tissue or a Q-Tip. This product is not for people with very sensitive teeth as it could cause great discomfort.

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