Watts Power White

Watts Power White provides a great whitening gel for at-home whitening systems. The results are right for the money spent, and it’s definitely cheaper than opting in for a whitening procedure offered by your dentist. The best part about this teeth whitening option is that you can purchase it without a prescription, which means no extra costs of another dentist visit.

All you need is to acquire application trays or a mouthpiece, which can be easily done through Amazon or some of the bigger pharmacies. To use, apply a small amount of the gel at the bottom of each tray where the front of your teeth will be touching the plastic and insert the trays into your mouth. The wear time is just an hour. When setting up the application tray, make sure not to over fill the tray and try to keep the gel away from your gums. When gel comes into direct contact with the gums, it might cause slight irritation. This is normal and should disappear quickly. If you do get gel onto your gums, use a tissue, Q-Tip or your clean, dry finger to remove it.

Drastic whitening results can be seen after three applications. You can repeat the routine everyday if you want dramatic, quick results. However, the frequency with which you could use the product depends on how sensitive your teeth are. If you suffer from increased sensitivity, you will require a longer time of rest in between the whitening applications.

Consumer Report

The product really does work in just three applications. However, just like with some of the other stronger whitening systems, teeth sensitivity plays a great factor the process. Some people will need as long as a week in between of applications because their teeth will experience slight discomfort and might suffer from swollen gums. However, if your teeth can handle the gel, this product will produce the results that you are looking for. Unfortunately, Watts Power White provides only the gel, and the consumer will have to either buy a mouthpiece from a pharmacy, online or through their dentist. This product is not good for people with very sensitive teeth.

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