Walgreens Teeth Whitening

Walgreens give their clients 5 different choices when it comes to teeth whitening. They want to make sure that users will be able to find something that will fit them properly.

Walgreens Teeth Whitening Strips. Each box comes with individually wrapped whitening strips. The strips are developed for optimal adhesion. There are enough strips for a week of daily use, and initial results can be seen after 3 days of using the whitening strips.

Walgreens Whitening Trays and Walgreens Intense 1 Hour Teeth Whitening System. Both system to function pretty much the same. The kits come with whitening gel and application trays. The difference is that one of the kits’ whitening gel is more concentrated than the other. The higher concentration gel whitens within one hour sitting, but it comes with increased sensitivity and possible irritation. The application is effortless – apply gel to the bottom of the application tray and insert it in your mouth. The wear time differs based on the kit and the user.

Walgreens Whitening Wraparounds. This is an interesting product as it functions just like the strips but each strip is cut to wrap around each individual tooth. These cutout promise better hold on the teeth which will increase the whitening results.

Finally, Walgreens offers a pre-brushing rinse which includes low dosage of peroxide which helps to whiten your teeth as you brush.

Consumer Report

The reaction for Walgreens Teeth Whitening Strips was less than satisfactory. The strips were reported to be slippery, and uncontrollable once applied. They would not stay still, and constantly shifted on the teeth which caused uneven teeth coloration for some. A few said that there were absolutely no results. If there was discoloration, it was whitened by 1 shade, but the deeper stains did not budge. The strips are said to have a horrible taste as well.

The rest of the products are a great cheaper alternatives to the more popular brands. The whitening trays work very well, and the 1 Hour Intense Whitening system produces the results it promises in just one sitting.

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