GLO Brilliant

GLO Brilliant Personal Teeth Whitening Device is like nothing else out there, truly one of a kind. The design is sleek and innovative; it looks like an iPod and consists of a whitening controller and a mouth piece. Along with the actual device, in the kit you will receive:

  • GLO Brilliant Whitening Gels.
  • GLO Dock to charge the control.
  • GLO Lip Care which helps to avoid chapped lips during and after the whitening.
  • GLO Travel Bag with a power adapter.
  • And the most unusual addition is a USB cord which allows you to charge the whitening device from your laptop.

The way it work is you dispense the gel into the mouthpiece, attach it to the GLO Controller and put it in your mouth. The mouthpiece is carefully shaped to allow the LED Light to do its magic. GLO developed Guided Light Optics which help to accelerate the whitening gel results. The application only takes 8 minutes and upon completion, you just have to rinse you mouth with warm water. The 10 vials of whitening gel is good for 40 complete applications.

Consumer Review

After just three days of use, clients were raving about the great results that you get from this device. It is very easy to use and its innovative design make it seem like a very posh thing to do. Although the device works really well, its price is very high – $275 to be exact. For this price, the results are good, but you can get the same results from a cheaper whitening system. This product is perfect for those who really dislike application trays or mixing of chemicals themselves. The results are great, but the heavy price is really just for the interesting design.

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