Smile 4 You

Smile 4 You sells their whitening gel to dentists across the North America. The whitening gel is promised to work exceptionally well, and the results are outstanding. Smile 4 You reports that their clients had their teeth whiten by up to 11 shades in by the end of use. The promise is professional-level results, for a fraction of the price.

The application regime is to be repeated daily for 2 weeks. The regime, or the application treatment, is very simple. All you need to do is apply the whitening gel to your teeth and then shine the Blue Laser Light Unit onto your teeth for half an hour. The amazing thing about this product is that there is virtually no pain, or discomfort. The whitening gel that is used with typical application trays tends to irritate the gums, makes them swell and turn white in color. There is no pain or irritation because the gel never touches the gums. When applying the gel, you need to be careful to cover all of the teeth surface and in between your teeth as well. After a half an hour, simply rinse your mouth and avoid consuming anything other than water for the hour after the whitening.

Smile 4 You offers another great product – their Aftercare Gel. The gel consists of calcium, fluoride and phosphate. The calcium is the primary mineral in teeth, and with the help of fluoride and phosphate, it works to fill the microscopic holes which strengthens your teeth and increases resistance to tooth decay. This is a great product for those who are sensitive to hot and cold temperature, and who suffer from high sensitivity – this gel will help protect you from further pain.

Consumer Report

Smile 4 You is rated to be one of the best teeth whitening systems available for at-home care. It is simple to use, but does require a little bit of assembly. Be careful upon application of the gel to make sure you have even layer on all of the teeth. The results are fantastic. After the very first use, you see significant improvement in color of your teeth. The results are surprisingly good for the cost of the product.

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