Rembrandt promises you a whitening product that is fast and works great. Recommended by many dentists, this product whitens your teeth and makes them stronger at the same time. It depends on its rapid-release peroxide which penetrates deeply to help whiten teeth. Many other products simply remove the surface stains, but Rembrandt penetrates deeply into the tooth to remove those deep stains. Meanwhile, Fluoride which is an anti-cavity agent, penetrates the tooth enamel to restore and strengthen it.

Rembrandt 2 Whitening Hour Kit is one of the most effective teeth whitening products available on the market. It consists of easy to use, comfortable applicators and professional whitening gel. All you have to do is apply a thin layer of the whitening gel at the bottom of your applicator and insert it into your mouth for your first 20 minutes of the whitening process. After the twenty minutes, you would have to remove the applicators and let your teeth rest for 10 minutes. You would then repeat the “20 minute wear, 10 minute rest” method 3 more times.

Consumer Report

Rembrandt’s whitening system was said to offer a great natural white color to the teeth. It will not turn out to be the shinning white of celebrities. For good and effective results, make sure to form your impression in the application trays correctly. Look for a snug yet comfortable fit and take a moment to trim away any extra plastic to keep the trays from covering all of your gums.

This product works incredibly well, and the price is surprisingly low. Many consumers were incredibly happy with how long the results lasted. However, the taste of the gel is reported to be disgusting. It tastes like bleach and the taste lingers for a while after the procedure is completed.

Rembrandt Whitening Strips received excellent reports, even better than their 2 Hour Whitening Kit. The strips were said to be quick working and to have caused less sensitivity than other whitening kits, but have a tendency to slip off.

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