Mint Cosmetics

Mint Cosmetics offers a teeth whitening product that claims to work 400% better than other teeth whitening kits. All it takes you is 30 minutes for a beautiful, white smile. The results are professional level, similar to the results you would get from a whitening in the dentist chair.

The whitening kit will provide results in 30 minutes and comes with a satisfaction guarantee. You will receive 6% Hydrogen Peroxide Gel with laboratory quality application trays. They promise that the results will last for up to 2 years. The whitening process is very generic. You will need to squeeze the gel onto the application trays and then insert the trays into your mouth. Make sure to insert the trays correctly so that they fit snugly to your teeth. The mouth trays are the main reason why dental home kits can cost a lot as laboratory fees increase your costs. A great feature of this kit is the precision application tip. The tip limits how much gel you can apply at a time, which is great to increase the longevity of the whitening gel.

The results are guaranteed to be 1 shade whiter after the very first use. After 2 weeks of use, the clients can expect to see up to 11 shades difference.

Consumer Report

Mint Cosmetics is a great company because they really care about their customers. They provide a product that delivers results that they promise. The results are not extreme at first, but by the end of the two weeks, you can expect to have your teeth the desired white you were looking for. There are 48 application included in the kit, and the price is a little steep but still less than a dentist visit. You really have to be sure not to overfill the trays – more gel does not equal whiter teeth so use it sparingly, you don’t want to get any on your gums if possible as it can make them very sensitive. Mint Cosmetics kit also comes with an instructional DVD. With this product, you will have no problem getting rid of all surface stains.

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