Dr. Millner’s Minute White

Dr. Millner’s Minute White teeth whitening system is very simple, and easy to use. There is no mixing involved, just apply the gel onto the bleaching trays and place them on your top and bottom teeth. Wait for 30 minutes, and remove the trays. There is very little mess, and no prep time involved. For once, a whitening system really does not take longer than 30 minutes, and maybe another 5 minutes for applying the gel to the application trays.

The chemical mixture contains calcium and other properties that work to keep your teeth strong and healthy as you whiten them. Dr. Millner developed a system that is based on precision. The mouthpieces that are included in the Dr. Millner’s Minute White kit are made to fit your teeth comfortable with non slip strips which make wearing the application trays must easier.

The kit includes professional level carbamide peroxide whitening gel with squeeze jet applicator, bleaching application trays with a storage case as well as Tooth shade guide and instruction sheet. Tooth shade guide makes it easier for the user to see the progress of their teeth whitening.

Dr. Millner’s product is safe for dental work – meaning after using the product you will not have to worry about damage done to your fillings or caps.

Consumer Report

The product produces non dramatic results. Over the two weeks of use, you will notice your teeth getting whiter, but this is not a product that will give you teeth a bright white that is common to movie starts. Instead Dr. Millner’s product gives you a very natural, healthy white look to your teeth. If you are looking for a touch up, or just to lighten your teeth a few shades, this is a perfect product that does not harm or hurt your teeth during use.

There have been a few suggestions when it comes to the actual application process. Some consumers suggest filling the tray a little more than just one line at the bottom as per instructions. By filling the trays a little more, the gel spreads better and more evenly onto the teeth. Another person complained about the fit of the generic mouthpiece and suggests a small trim to the top and bottom part of the mouthpiece for a better fit. Use the product at least once before many any alteration to the mouthpiece or the dosage suggested, it might so happen that the product is perfectly designed just for you.

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