Direct White

Direct White whitening system has been around for a long time and has served over 13 000 customers. They offer only one product in two different CP concentrations – one 22% and another 35% concentration level. They pride themselves on their custom made mouthpieces. Direct White claims that to get the best results, you need to have a custom fit mouthpiece. The general fit application trays that come with most whitening systems do not provide the proper teeth covering to keep the gel in place. With a mouthpiece that is fits your teeth perfectly, the whitening gel produces better results.

You can easily order mouthpieces through the Direct White websites; you buy a kit with instructions of how to make precise impressions of your teeth which you then ship to the lab for your mouthpieces to be made. The same custom mouthpiece that is required for the whitening process, dentist will charge around $500 dollars, however you can purchase it from Direct White for only $50.

Another great feature offered by Direct White is the locked dispensing tip on their gel tubes. This tip prevents you from overusing the product as well as storage is made easier and the gel will stay fresh longer.

Consumer Report

Although it might appear that having a custom made mouthpiece from the company includes a lot of hassle, it is definitely worth the money and the wait. Having application trays that are well fitted to your teeth increase your results, while decreasing the amount of gel that comes into contact with your exposed gums. Furthermore, Direct White makes it as easy as possible for their clients to have this amazingly fit mouthpieces – the initial kit that you buy includes everything you need including a pre-stamped and labelled envelope to send in your impressions. There is also a full satisfaction guarantee with all their products.

Everything about this company seems to be amazing. The results are quick and drastic, the price is just right and on top of all that, they have great customer service. How can you ask for more?

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