My Venus Smile

My Venus Smile is a great company that specializes in whitening products for dentists. They have a large spectrum of concentration gels which allow you to construct the best teeth whitening kit for you. They have very low concentration gel, just 10% carbamide peroxide which is great for those with very sensitive teeth. It takes slightly longer to achieve the desired results, but it is much more gentle on the teeth and the gums.

My Venus Smile offers two different teeth whitening systems for their clients. Option number one is called Venus White Pro. The kit is carefully put together to use with custom made application trays. These application trays can be easily ordered through your dentist and are proven to increase results. To begin the application process, brush your teeth to get rid of any loose stains and bits of stuck-on food and pat your teeth dry with a tissue. Add the whitening gel to the application trays and insert them into your mouth. Wait for half an hour before taking them out. Rinse your mouth to get rid of any leftover gel but do not brush your teeth, or consume anything but water for an hour after the application.

Option number two is a great product for people who are constantly on the move. If you spend a lot of time in the car, or at the office, you can opt in for using the Venus White Ultra. Venus White Ultra offers their clients the ultimate mobile whitening system with their pre-filled whitening trays. Any time of the day that you find yourself in a comfortable environment, you can whiten your teeth. In the kit, each tray is individually wrapped for convenience and to avoid any unnecessary mess. To apply, you simply unwrap a tray and apply one to the top teeth and one to the bottom.

Consumer Report

My Venus Smile is a great company offering a great product. The whitening gel works really well, and the large variety of gel available is amazing for people who want something that values their individual needs. The gels with the lower concentration were reported to be very gentle on the teeth and cause no swelling or irritation of the gums. The high concentration gels were reported to work incredibly well and very fast. Venus White Ultra was received much better than the other options as it involved no assembly and very minimal set up.

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