WhiteScience is one of the leading companies in the teeth whitening field. They have been able to perfect their whitening formula to offer their clients products that will fulfill their individual needs. They sell different items which include a whitening rinse, a stationary LED light whitening system, a whitening pen, a portable light treatment as well as the regular application tray whitening. With their large selection of merchandise, they are dominating the market.

WhiteScience SolarWhite. This is a small kit that is used in a tanning bed. You brush the whitening gel onto your teeth and insert the mouthpiece which helps to expose your teeth to the UV light of the tanning bed. There is no mess as the whitening gel comes in a small bottle, similar to a nail polish, with a brush which makes the application a breeze.

WhiteScience Artiste. This package comes with an LED light, a mouthpiece and whitening gel. The whitening gel once again goes straight onto your teeth, after which a mouthpiece is inserted with a light attached to it. You need to bite down to hold the gizmo in place. With the help of the light, your teeth can be up to 12 shades whiter, and the treatment times are mere 30 minutes each. Unlike some of the whitening tray treatments available, Artiste does not increase teeth sensitivity.

Another interesting option offered by White Science are their touch-up wipes. These are great for maintaining a beautiful, white smile. After a meal, tear open the individually packaged towelette and rub it across your teeth. Make sure to wipe both the front and the back for the best results. It comes in great minty flavor and with frequent use improves your general oral health.

Consumer Report

White Science products are amazing. Those who have tried the White Science Touch-Ups were amazing at its textured surface and how well it gets rid of surface stains and maintains the whiteness of your smile for longer. Their whitening gel works well even on its own without a tanning bed. The results take a little bit longer and show up gradually.

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